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Every RAID data recovery is possible with us!!

Whether it's any RAID configuration, we can restore it for you. Our highly qualified engineers and advanced technology ensure maximum efficiency and high success rates of raid recovery. Your RAID recovery process is secure with us at our state-of-the-art infrastructure that assure you up to 100% data recovery from RAID.

RAID controller failure

Controller failure in the RAID system is one of the worst data loss reasons. Our experts deal with such types of raid failure everyday.

Complex RAID recovery

Our skilled engineers are well known to all types of RAID configurations, whether its 0,1,5,10 or 50, we recover it all.

Internal RAID structure

We understand every failure or data loss scenarios and give you accurate solutions with the help of our experts that understand complete internal raid structure.

Any RAID make or model

Whether it's QNAP, Drobo, ASUSTOR, MS Hyper-V, SNAP, IBM, Dell, or any other raid server, our raid data recovery experts excel in any raid make or model recovery.

Experience the best RAID recovery with highest success rates

We are equipped with all the advanced technology to give you the aptest solution for all RAID server data loss scenario.

Failed RAID controller
Crashed RAID server
RAID server failed to boot
Corrupted file system
Failed RAID rebuild
Physically damaged disks
Accidentally formatted volume or partition
Failure due to power surge.

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Our high-class infrastructure

Techchef Team
RAID Recovery (Techchef)
Data Recovery 3
Data Recovery 4

15+ years of expertise

Our highly skilled professionals are always ready to recover your RAID.

100% data security assurance

We always aim to deliver you maximum RAID recovery success rates.

Over 30000+ data recoveries accomplished

We have successfully completed over thousands of recoveries and still counting.

1000+ premium clients

We are associated with renowned companies like IBM, ABP, and more.

ISO 27001 certified

Certified with ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015 to offer you 100% secure services.

Class 1 Cleanrooms

We acquire Class 1 clean rooms to get you the most desired RAID server recovery results.

Witness our RAID recovery process that is 100% secure, accurate and transparent.

Storage Media AnalysisS

RAID system in-depth analysis to understand the data loss problems. Once analysis is complete, a Diagnosis report is handed over to the customer.

Confirmation From Customer

Next step is confirmation from the customer to start the RAID data recovery process. After confirmation is done by the customer, the experts start working on the data loss problems.

RAID Data Recovery

Our experts in the state of the art infrastructure, immensely work on the RAID failure system problems and come out with most efficient solutions.

Media Delivered to the Customer

After getting done with the recovery process, we head to our customers to deliver their data securely.

360 Degree RAID Recovery Solutions

Techchef engineers are highly capable of recovering any failed RAID recovery devices with high recovery success rates. We specialize in recovering your crucial data from any RAID device.

  • Traditional RAID Configuration
  • Nested RAID Levels
  • Other RAID Configurations
Traditional RAID Configuration
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 2
  • RAID 3
  • RAID 4
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 7
  • RAID 8
  • RAID 9
  • RAID 10
Nested RAID Levels
  • RAID 0+1
  • RAID 1+0
  • RAID 100 (1+0+0)
  • RAID 0+3 & 3+0
  • RAID 0+3
  • RAID 30
  • RAID 50 (RAID 5+0)
  • RAID 51
  • RAID 05 (RAID 0+5)
  • RAID 53
  • RAID 60 (RAID 6 + 0)
Other RAID Configurations


RAID 1.5


Parity RAID

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Linux MD RAID 10





Tahoe Distributed File System

Drive Extender



Drobo BeyondRAID


Your RAID server recovery, Our passion

100% recovery success rates

Fastest turnaround time

Customized solutions for every RAID data loss problems

Techchef Data Recovery

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I lost my RAID database due to accidentally deleting a partition. Losing my company’s RAID data means losing all my business information that I can’t put at stake at any cost. Finally, I found RAID Server recovery. I am so happy with the choice I made and Thankful to the whole team for 100% Server Data Recovery Solution.

Gary M. Vest

Thanks RSR for recovering my Dell PowerEdge R520 and putting your efforts in retrieving important information that I was afraid to lose. It was really valuable for me and I needed the recovery ASAP. RAID Server recovery helped me to get back my data with their Fast turnaround time service. Really appreciate their efforts.

Shreya Singh

I am a director of an e-commerce company. Break in the workflow due to RAID failure is a massive barrier to getting back on track. I am grateful for RSR Professionals for recovering my RAID on time.

 Vishnu Gopal

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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about RAID systems.

Can I recover RAID 5 if more than one disk has failed?

Ans- No, data recovery becomes difficult after more than one disk fails as it has only one disk fault tolerance. Raid server recovery professionals can efficiently recover any complex Raid 5 data recovery with effective technology and their in-depth Rain infrastructure knowledge.

Can I recover my Raid files with Raid data recovery software?

Raid recovery software can be used to recover your RAID files but they are not usually effective for a 100% recovery process. There could be further complications like overwritten data and may cause permanent data loss too. It is best recommended to contact RSR professionals to get maximum Raid recovery results.

How can I get my RAID data recovered as soon as possible?

To ensure the fastest turnaround time of your Raid recovery process, make sure you limit the damage of your RAID system by turning off the server as soon as you notice failure systems. Avoid any raid rebuild if any error messages show on your screen. These precautions will ensure fastest turnaround time and increase chances of 100% recovery of RAID.

How much does a RAID recovery cost?

The cost of recovery of a RAID array depends upon factors like Raid configuration level, Number of drives, operating systems, size of files that need to be recovered and the type of failure. In Our state-of-the-art-Infrastructure, your failed RAID system go through a in-depth analysis and according to that our RAID server recovery professionals deliver you customized recovery services.

How can I recover my crashed RAID system? 

You can restore your lost files quickly with a RAID data backup in case you have it. Also if your RAID array is crashed, you can test a rebuild. RSR team always ensures to offer you an accurate solution for crashed RAID recovery with the fastest turnaround time.

What are the reasons for RAID failure?

Any Raid configuration could fail and here are the certain reasons that contribute to RAID failure or damage.

  1. Raid controller failure
  2. Multiple raid hard drive failure
  3. Accidentally formatted hard drive
  4. Failed Raid rebuild Power failure
  5. Internal system corruption

Our engineers are equipped with advanced technology and can deal with any Raid failure caused to restore your RAID configuration.

Can Raid server recovery restore my deleted data from a RAID server?

Yes! Raid server recovery experts are highly specialised to deal with deleted RAID server problems and recover it back with up to 100% recovery success rate.

Can a RAID system be used for backup of my files?

You can use your RAID array system as a backup device as it has a fault-tolerance feature but it doesn’t mean you can never experience RAID failure. Take it as an option but be prepared with other backup devices as well. Contact RSR professionals and they will provide you the most adequate solutions for your failed RAID recovery with high recovery rates.

Can my operating system affect the RAID recovery process?

Yes it can. Although the file system have major effect of the Operating system. System like UNIX, Windows, Solaris, MacOS, Linux are used in RAID array systems. Our highly skilled engineers have acquired tools that can recover RAID data from all Operating systems.

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